The lab supports the research of the following faculty members:

The lab also has many current students and postdocs, including:

  • María del Pilar Cano Vila (PhD)
  • Farah Chanchary (PhD)
  • David Charles (Masters)
  • Anthony D'Angelo (PhD)
  • Martin Derka (Postdoc)
  • Edward Duong (Masters)
  • Michael van Dyk (Masters)
  • Luís Fernando Schultz Xavier da Silveira (PhD)
  • Carsten Grimm (PhD)
  • Darryl Hill (PhD)
  • Tanvir Kaykobad (Masters)
  • Saeed Mehrabi (Postdoc)
  • Arash Nouri (PhD)
  • Gigi Outioua (Masters)
  • Sander Verdonschot (Postdoc)
  • Céline Yelle (Masters)

We also maintain an archival list of all students and visitors.