Floating Buffer Source Code
Header Source Description
buffers.h buffers.cpp Implements the buffer and buffer pool classes.
builder.h builder.cpp Main program. Includes utility code for loading MBR files and running tests. It is called 'builder' for unknown reasons :o)
bulkquerylist.h bulkquerylist.cpp Provides a list of queries that can be passed to the bulk query routine of the R-Tree variants. The class handles the reporting of queries to files.
rect.h rect.cpp Implements a rectangle class and various functions that must be performed on rectangles (such as testing for intersection)
rtree.h rtree.cpp Implementation of regular R-Tree, Buffered R-Tree, and Floating Buffered R-Tree data structures
rtreenode.h rtreenode.cpp A node in an R-Tree. All three varieties of R-Tree share the same type of node.

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