Greg's work:

My gmail is
aloupis D0T greg
(don't send mail to my Tufts address. I only check it every few weeks)

Field: Computational Geometry.
Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Tufts University.
I'm also adjunct faculty at Carleton University (CG lab)

Past affiliations: ULB (Brussels), Carleton (Ottawa), and Academia Sinica (Taipei). I also spent lots of time at NYU.

Ph.D. (McGill) -- Reconfigurations of Polygonal Structures. Here is an e-copy:    thesis.pdf
M.Sc. -- Geometric Estimators of Location:   G_A_thesis.pdf. For an introduction to this topic online, go here.
My undergrad major was in physics. I also took part in several mobile robotics experiments.

Fall 2015 teaching:
Algorithms (COMP 160) and
Computational Geometry (COMP 163)

Past teaching:
Advanced Algorithms (COMP 260, Tufts)
Discrete Math (COMP 61, Tufts)
Pattern Recognition (cs644, McGill)
Publications. My convex hull history page has also been cited.
I'm the local organizer of SoCG 2016.
I once co-organized CCCG 2011 and CCCG 2012.