Greg's work:

My gmail is
aloupis D0T greg
(don't send mail to my Tufts address. I only check it every few weeks)

Field: Computational Geometry.
Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Tufts University.
(on leave from position of Chargé de Recherches du FNRS, in Belgium).
I'm also adjunct faculty at Carleton University (CG lab)

Past affiliations: ULB (Brussels), Carleton (Ottawa), and Academia Sinica (Taipei). I also spent lots of time at NYU/Poly.

Ph.D. (McGill) -- Reconfigurations of Polygonal Structures. Here is an e-copy:    thesis.pdf
M.Sc. -- Geometric Estimators of Location:   G_A_thesis.pdf. For an introduction to this topic online, go here.
My undergrad major was in physics. I also took part in several mobile robotics experiments.

Currently teaching (at Tufts):
Algorithms (COMP 160) and
Computational Geometry (COMP 163)

Past teaching:
Advanced Algorithms (COMP 260, Tufts)
Discrete Math (COMP 61, Tufts)
Pattern Recognition (cs644, McGill)
Publications. My convex hull history page has also been cited.
I co-organized CCCG 2011 and CCCG 2012. And now it seems I'm the local organizer of SoCG 2016.