Computational Geometry (COMP 5008)
Fall 2017

Instructor: Michiel Smid
Office: Herzberg Building 5125C
E-mail: michiel(
Lectures: Monday, 2:35-5:25pm, Canal Building 2400
Office hours: Tuesday, 10:15-noon
Motivation: Computational Geometry is concerned with the design of efficient techniques for the computer-based representation and manipulation of geometric objects. The field has been in existence for about fourty years and has blossomed into a mature body of efficient algorithmic techniques. This has not only led to a solid theoretical understanding of the complexity of geometric problems, but also to the development of several efficient and widely-used software libraries for a wide variety of basic geometric problems. These techniques have the potential to bring about significant design and performance improvements in applied fields such as Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing, Cartography, Geographic Information Systems, and Materials Science.
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge in algorithms and data structures (as covered in the courses COMP 3804 and 4804).
Tentative Evaluation:
What was done in class: