COMP2405: Internet Application Programming

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Here is the most up to date list of marks I have (updated Apr. 25, 9:03). If you have problems with your Assignment 4 mark, please contact Paul Boone asap.

Course outline

This is a course on programming applications for the internet. Main topics/technologies we will cover are


Course notes and references

Notice: These notes contain some errors and ommissions that will be corrected sometime soon. For now, anyone using these notes should consult the corrigendum provided by Neil Fraser.

There is no textbook for this course. One could easily spend a thousand dollars on a collection of textbooks that contain the material covered in this course. Instead, since this is a course about Internet technologies, the course material will be available on the Internet.

Here are some code snippets from the notes.

The tentative schedule of lecture topics is as follows:

Date Topics
Jan. 3 The history of the Internet (history.odp, history.pdf)
Jan. 3 The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) (http.odp, http.pdf)
Jan. 8 and 10 The Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) (html.odp, forms.odp, html.pdf, forms.pdf)
Jan. 15 Basics of graphic design (crap.odp, crap.pdf)
Jan. 15 and 17 Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) (css.odp, css.pdf, layout.odp, layout.pdf)
Jan. 22 Common Gateway Interface (CGI) (cgi.odp, cgi.pdf)
Jan. 24, 29 and 31 The Perl programming language (perl1.odp, perl1.pdf regexp.odp, regexp.pdf, perl2.odp, perl2.pdf)
Feb. 5 and 7 PHP: Hypertext Processor (PHP) (Terri Oda's PHP slides and code)
Feb. 12 – 14 JavaScript (javascript1.odp, javascript1.pdf, javascript2.odp, javascript2.pdf)
Feb. 25 Mid-term review (midterm.odp, midterm.pdf)
Mar. 4 and 6 Extensible Markup Language (XML) (xml.odp xml.pdf)
Mar 6, 11, and 14 Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) (ajax1.odp, ajax1.pdf)
Mar 18 File uploads and cookies (cookies.odp, cookies.pdf)
Mar 20 Secure HTTP (HTTPS) (https.odp, https.pdf)
Mar 25 Javascript security and cross-site-scripting (security.odp, security.pdf)
Mar 27 Intellectual property (law.ppt)
Apr 1 Review class (review.odp, review.pdf)
Apr 3 CU-MITACS Wireless Security Day

Office hours

My office hours are Tuesdays from 14:30-17:00 in room 5177HP. If you can't come to my office hours then please check my schedule and suggest an appointment time by email. The TAs' office hours are in room 1175 HP at the following times:

Paul Boone Thursday9:30-11:30
Sonia Chiasson Tuesday11:00-13:00

Grading scheme

Grades will be assigned using the following grading scheme.

Assignment 110%
Assignment 210%
Assignment 310%
Assignment 410%
Final exam40%

I may, at my discretion, increase the grades of certain students to raise the class average or change the distribution. This will never cause a student's grade to go down, nor will it change the relative rankings of students so, e.g., it is not possible for a student who earned an 80% to receive a lower grade than a student who earned a 75%.

Important dates

The following is a (tentative) schedule for assignments and exams.

Policy regarding unoriginal work

Students are encouraged to collaborate on assignments, but at the level of discussion only. That is, they may work together to solve problems, but when writing down the solutions they should do so on their own. No student should show another student his or her written solutions.

Any student who is caught submitting work that they did not do themselves will receive a mark of 0 (zero) on that assignment. Any group of two or more students handing in sufficiently similar assignments will all receive mark of zero.

Students with Special Needs

Students with special needs should obtain documentation from the Paul-Menton Center and notify me as soon as possible.