The lab supports the research of the following faculty members:

The lab also has many current students and postdocs, including:

  • Elmira Adeeb (PhD)
  • Anthony D'Angelo (PhD)
  • Saman Bazargani (PhD)
  • Mike Bremner (PhD)
  • Hussein Houdrouge (PhD)
  • Mehrnoosh Javarsineh (PhD)
  • Zoltan Kalnay (Masters)
  • Amirali Madani (PhD)
  • Bobby Miraftab (Postdoc)
  • Saeed Odak (PhD)
  • Behnaz Refahi (PhD)
  • Damien Robichaud (Masters)
  • Tyler Tuttle (PhD)
  • Marc Vicuna (Masters)
  • David Worley (PhD)

We also maintain an archival list of previous students and visitors.