Seminars in 2005
Date Speaker Topics
6/12/2005   Planning session and wine tasting
29/11/2005 Graduate students Graduate student seminars
22/11/2005 Mick Chawner The shared-ride problem
15/11/2005 Evangelos Kranakis Local… global… whatever
8/11/2005 Yihui Tang Streaming algorithms
1/11/2005 Pat Morin Low-dimensional linear programming with violations
25/10/2005 Jason Morrison Grand mathematical challenges in medical imaging
18/10/2005 Yihui Tang Communication complexity II
11/10/2005 Yihui Tang Communication complexity
4/10/2005 Pat Morin Centerpoint theorems for wedges
20/9/2005 Stefanie Wuhrer Clamshell casting
30/8/2005 Michiel Smid Spanners with few edges II: The Fix
23/8/2005 Michiel Smid Spanners with few edges I: The Proof
16/8/2005 Greg Aloupis Data depth
4/8/2005 Stefan Langerman External-memory tree layouts
26/7/2005 Sébastien Collette Empty region graphs
12/7/2005 Jit Bose Flips in triangulations
5/7/2005 Jason Morrison X-Rays and planar convex bodies II
28/6/2005 Jason Morrison X-Rays and planar convex bodies
21/6/2005 Pat Morin All-pairs shortest paths with real weights in O(n3 / log n) time
14/6/2005 Yihui Tang Similarity search
7/6/2005 Harish Gopala Shortest path queries in simple polygons
31/5/2005 Ron Taylor Divide-and-conquer algorithms for Hausdorf Voronoi diagrams
10/5/2005 Toni Sellares Computing a center-transversal line
3/5/2005 Markou Evripidis Searching for a black hole in (semi-) synchronous networks
26/4/2005 Jit Bose Circles containing more points
19/4/2005 Jit Bose Circles containing points
12/4/2005 No speaker Go see the bioinformatics talk instead
5/4/2005 Tzvetalin Vassilev Optimal area triangulations
29/3/2005 No speaker Go see this talk instead.
22/3/2005 Michiel Smid Approximating the circle containing the largest fraction of a given point set
15/3/2005 Leszec Gasienec Faster communication in known-topology radio networks
8/3/2005 Jit Bose Visibility queries in simple polygons
1/3/2005 Anil Maheshwari Efficient computation of query point visibility in polygons with holes
22/2/2005 Pat Morin Reconstructing partitions of 1,...,n satisfying full and sequential order constraints
15/2/2005 Stefan Langerman Matrix searching
8/2/2005 Hua Guo Approximate shortest paths on polytopes II
1/2/2005 Hua Guo Approximate shortest paths on polytopes
25/1/2005 Marwan Fayed Consistent hashing
18/1/2005 Pat Morin Minimum spanning tree verification
11/1/2005 Jit Bose Rebalancing search trees
4/1/2005 Raghavan Dhandapani Partitioning orthogonal polygons with rectangles