Seminars in 2006
Date Speaker Topic
21/11/2006 Various Computational Geometry Graduate Class Seminar
14/11/2006 Marc van Kreveld Computing longest flocks in trajectory data
07/11/2006 Muriel Dulieu Epsilon-nets
31/10/2006 Paz Carmi Power assignment problems in wireless networks
24/10/2006 Michiel Smid Randomized fractional cascading
17/10/2006 Norbert Zeh I/O-efficient and cache-oblivious shortest paths
Special Time: 14:15
10/10/2006 Christopher Kruegel Malicious code analysis
Special Time: 9:00
3/10/2006 Mathieu Couture Incremental construction of k-dominating sets in unit disk graphs
26/9/2006 Craig Dillabaugh R-trees and their relatives
19/9/2006 Tetsuo Asano Aspect-ratio Voronoi diagram with applications
12/9/2006 Pat Morin An optimal randomized algorithm for d-variate zonoid depth
5/9/2006 Daming Xu Bounded degree planar spanners
29/8/2006 Stefanie Wuhrer Multi-dimensional scaling
15/8/2006 Karim Douïeb New results on hotlinks
8/8/2006 Sébastien Collette Where to dig for a temple
1/8/2006 Pat Morin Output-sensitive algorithms for Tukey depth
20/6/2006 Pat Morin Drawing trees
6/6/2006 Stefanie Wuhrer Clamshell casting!
[and wine tasting (Canadian Cabernet Sauvignon)]
31/5/2006 Paz Carmi Mininum-cost load-balancing partition
30/5/2006 Conrado Martinez Optimal sampling for sorting and selection
Special Location: 4351 Herzberg
23/5/2006 Jit Bose Pseudotriangulations and flips
16/5/2006 Jit Bose Bounded degree subgraphs of visibility graphs
9/5/2006 Pat Morin An optimal randomized algorithm for maximum Tukey depth
2/5/2006 Pat Morin Outlier removal algorithms
[and wine tasting (Cabernet Sauvignon)]
18/4/2006 Michiel Smid and Vida Dujmović On distance classes in a metric space
11/4/2006 Anil Maheshwari A proof of Koebe's Theorem
4/4/2006 Jit Bose The spanning ratio of constrained Delaunay triangulations
[and wine tasting (Merlot)]
28/3/2006 Anil Maheshwari Geometric separator theorems II + Topics in elections
21/3/2006 Michiel Smid Graphs spanners III
14/3/2006 Michiel Smid Graph spanners with few edges
7/3/2006 Anil Maheshwari Geometric separator theorems I
28/2/2006 Evan Hahn Persistent realtime building interior generation
21/2/2006 Michael Spriggs Morphing graphs and polyhedra
14/2/2006 Michiel Smid Graph spanners with many edges
7/2/2006 Jit Bose Multiple-choice hashing
17/1/2006 Kathryn Duffy Planar spanning trees in geometric graphs
10/1/2006 Jit Bose Flips and wine tasting