Some of the code I've written

by Dana Jansens


Openbox Window Manager [Git]


Configuration GUI for Openbox


Bug fixes and improvements (translucent menus) for Xcompmgr.;a=summary


Changes to make urxvt more EWMH-friendly, and add keyboard shortcuts to copy to/paste from the clipboard;a=summary

Persistent binary search tree

A persistent binary search tree implementation for GLib [Git]


An interactive tool for network traffic analysis


An implementation of "TCP-Africa: An adaptive and fair rapid increase rule for scalable TCP" for Linux 2.6

3d convex hull visualization

OpenGL visualization of Chan's divide-and-conquer algorithm for generating a 3d convex hull


An open-source library for reading, mastering and writing optical discs.

Google Chrome Extension for WebCT Marking

An extension to help with marking in WebCT. This extension moves focus to the field to enter a student's mark, saving you some mouse clicks and time. This is used when you click on a student's grade in the Grade Book area of WebCT.

This extension now also has entended behaviour. If the mark field is empty, it will auto-fill it with a 1 and submit the form. This saves time filling out attendance marks which are always a 1. This behaviour would be easily commented out in the file.