Welcome to the Discrete Mathematics Study Center. This website is intended for computer science undergraduates at Carleton University for use in the course COMP 1805. This website does not replace lectures: it should be used as a study aid. There is overwhelming evidence that students who do not attend lectures tend to do poorly in the course.

The course notes can be used to look up information that you may have missed during a lecture, and possibly to provide a slightly different perspective on the material covered in the course. They are likely too terse to be useful on their own.

The exercise database is full of worked examples on many topics, such as logic, proofs, sets, functions, induction, relations, and graphs. Each exercise is categorized so students can easily find exercises in the area they are trying to study. In addition, each exercise is rated by difficulty level and possible applications are given. Exercises are also associated with keywords to facilitate searching.

The mock exam is a 40-question multiple choice exam on all of the material covered in the course. It is based on a real final exam from a previous offering of the course.

This website makes use of MathJax to display mathematics. You should enable JavaScript so that you can see all of the notation properly.