Greg's work:


Field: Computational Geometry.
Position: Industry Full Professor, Computer Science, Tandon School of Engineering, New York University
I'm also an adjunct faculty member at Carleton University (CG lab)

Most recent previous position: Visiting Associate Professor, Computer Science, Tufts University.
Past affiliations: ULB (Brussels), Carleton (Ottawa), and Academia Sinica (Taipei).
Ph.D. : Computer Science, McGill University

Courses I have taught:
Algorithms (COMP 160, Tufts)
Data Structures, Graphs and Algorithms (COMP 150, Tufts) ... don't be fooled by the number, 160 is a prerequisite for 150
Computational Geometry (COMP 163, Tufts)
Advanced Algorithms (COMP 260, Tufts)
Discrete Math (COMP 61, Tufts)
Pattern Recognition (CS644, McGill)

Publications. My convex hull history page isn't published but has been cited.
I was a local organizer of SoCG 2016. I also co-organized CCCG 2011 and CCCG 2012.