Seventh Annual Workshop on Geometry and Graphs
March 10–15, 2019
Bellairs Research Institute, Holetown, Barbados
The following publications resulted from this workshop:
  1. Vida Dujmović, Louis Esperet, Pat Morin, David R. Wood. Proof of the Clustered Hadwiger Conjecture. FOCS 2023. arXiv:2306.06224
  2. Marthe Bonamy, Cyril Gavoille and Michał Pilipczuk, Shorter Labeling Schemes for Planar Graphs, in Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA 2020), 446–462, 2020. [arXiv:1908.03341]
  3. V. Dujmović, G. Joret, P. Micek, P. Morin, T. Ueckerdt, and D. R. Wood. Planar graphs have bounded queue-number. In Proceedings of the 60th Annual IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, 862–875, 2019. [arxiv:1904.04791].
At this workshop, a group of 35–40 researchers worked on open problems at the intersection of graph theory and geometry.
The organizers are Prosenjit Bose, Vida Dujmović, Stefan Langerman, Pat Morin, and David Wood.
After a welcome dinner on Sunday March 10th, the technical program will begin at 9:00 on Monday with an open problems session at which every attendee is encouraged to present an open problem. Following this, each day will consist of work sessions in the mornings from 9:00–12:00 and the evenings 19:00–22:00. Afternoons are reserved for breakaway sessions. The workshop ends with a wrap-up session on Thursday evening.

This year, a limited number of extra rooms are available at Bellairs beginning Friday March 8th. Those interested can come early for a focused mini-workshop.

Dinner is provided and is served promptly at 18:15 every evening. Simple breakfast foods, including cereals, cheese, breads, and spreads, will be provided and will be available in the communal fridge. Participants are left to their own devices for lunch and may try the local restaurants or prepare their own lunch, using the kitchen, with food purchased from the nearby grocery store. Participants should alert the organizers if they have any special dietary restrictions.
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Bring mosquito repellant. There are (infrequent) outbreaks of dengue fever and (more recently) chikungunya, so check ahead of time. In the recent past, neither has been a problem.

More recently, there have been reported Zika virus infections. Zika infections are usually mild, but are linked to birth defects (microcephalitis). Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant within the next six months and men who may impregnate a woman in the next six months should be aware of the risks.

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There are computers on campus with access to the internet. Bellairs is fully covered by a wireless network called Bellairs or Bellair's. There is a 15USD (weekly) charge for the use of this network.

The accommodation is basic but very charming. The rates vary per room and differ for basic rooms, newer apartments, and rooms in Seabourne House. There may be an additional fee for single occupancy of a room. The organizers will assign the rooms. Keep in mind that the institute is near-capacity, so we have very little freedom in the room assignments.

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Finally, this document (PDF) contains a description of the house rules of the Institute.

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