Chapter 9
Making Empty Files (Touch, New-Item)

9.1 Do This

Source 15: Linux/Mac OSX Exercise 9
  $ cd temp
  $ touch iamcool.txt
  $ ls

Source 16: Windows Exercise 9
  > cd temp
  > New-Item iamcool.txt -type file
  > ls
      Directory: C:\Users\zed\temp
  Mode                LastWriteTime     Length Name
  ----                -------------     ------ ----
  -a---        12/17/2011   9:03 AM            iamcool.txt

9.2 You Learned This

You learned how to make an empty file. On Unix touch does this, and it also changes the times on the file. I rarely use it for anything other than making empty files. On Windows you don't have this command, so you learned how to use the New-Item command, which does the same thing but can also make new directories.

9.3 Do More

  1. Unix: Make a directory, change to it, and then make a file in it. Then change one level up and run the rmdir command in this directory. You should get an error. Try to understand why you got this error.
  2. Windows: Do the same thing, but you won't get an error. You'll get a prompt asking if you really want to remove the directory.

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