Algorithms Seminar (Thursdays 13:30 in 5115HP)

The algorithms seminar group is a collection of students and professors that meets weekly to discuss algorithms. During each meeting a member of the group gives a 1-1.5 hour lecture. Typically, we present recent results found in conference proceedings, journals, from our own research, or by visiting researchers.

Any student or professor with an interest in algorithms is encouraged to attend. The schedule is as follows. (We also have an archive of the seminars in 2004, 2005, and 2006.)

Date Speaker Topic
13/12/2007 Paz Carmi Covering Points by Unit Disks of Fixed Location
30/11/2007 Graduate Students Computational Geometry Class presentations
29/11/2007 Graduate Students Computational Geometry Class presentations
23/11/2007 Graduate Students Computational Geometry Class presentations
22/11/2007 Graduate Students Computational Geometry Class presentations
1/11/2007 Mohammad Farshi Experimental Study of Geometric t-Spanners
25/10/2007 John Howat A distribution-sensitive dictionary with low space overhead
18/10/2007 Meng He Succinct data structures
4/10/2007 Pat Morin Spanning trees with small stabbing number
20/09/2007 Craig Dillabaugh Indexing compressed text
13/09/2007 Paz Carmi Colorful spanners
5/09/2007 Jurek Czyzowicz Polygon immobilization
29/08/2007 Mustaq Ahmed Approximation Algorithms for Shortest Descending Paths
24/08/2007 Jeremy Barbay Succinct data structures and adaptive algorithms
20-22/08/2007 Many Speakers CCCG 2007 hosted by us
15/08/2007 Karim Douieb Dynamic optimality for skip lists and B-trees
8/08/2007 Joachim Gudmundsson A polynomial-time approximation algorithm for a geometric dispersion problem
28/06/2007 Bardia Sadri Geometric and topological guarantees for the WRAP reconstruction algorithm
20/06/2007 Subhrajit Guhathakurta Digital Phoenix: A multidimensional journey through time
6/06/2007 Pat Morin Randomized rendez-vous on a ring with limited memory II: The grunge
30/05/2007 Pat Morin Randomized rendez-vous on a ring with limited memory I: The algorithm
23/05/2007 Mathieu Couture and
Michel Paquette
Location oblivious distributed unit disk graph coloring
Communication in networks with positively correlated faults
16/05/2007 Stephane Durocher Geometric facility location under continuous motion
2/05/2007 Mathieu Couture Topology control in ad hoc wireless networks
25/04/2007 Norbert Zeh Connectivity of graphs under edge flips
18/04/2007 Wojtek Fraczak Range representation in ternary content addressable memory (TCAM)
11/04/2007 Jit Bose Bounded leg shortest paths
4/04/2007 Robin Flatland Unfolding orthogonal polyhedra
28/03/2007 Cyril Garner Configurations
21/03/2007 Anil Maheshwari Finding deep points approximately
14/03/2007 Dan Chen Algorithms for halfspace depth in high dimensions
7/03/2007 Vida Dujmovic Characterization of degree sequences of 2-trees
28/02/2007 Anil Maheshwari Dominance and nearest-neighbor problems
14/02/2007 Meng He Succinct indexes for strings, binary relations and multi-labeled trees
31/1/2007 Ferran Hurtado Squares
[Wine Tasting!]
24/1/2007 Jit Bose Succinct encodings of evolving structures
17/1/2007 Pat Morin Distribution-sensitive point location in convex subdivisions
11/1/2007 Hua Guo Geometric shortest paths and applications
Special day: Thursday