Chapter 19
Getting Command Help (man, HELP)

19.1 Do This

Source 35: Linux/Mac OSX Exercise 19
  $ man find
  $ man less
  $ man man
  $ man grep

Source 36: Windows Exercise 19
  > help dir
  > help select-string
  > help help
  > help cp

19.2 You Learned This

You can use the man command on Unix, and the help command in Windows to find information about commands. I've been playing a very dirty trick on you this whole time. I could have just told you to do this and read about each command rather than memorize what they do. But, if I did this, you'd be lost because you wouldn't know the basic commands you have to know, or how directories work, or what a wildcard is, etc etc.

Hopefully you forgive me for not telling you about this awesome tool until now, but now when you forget what a command does, just use the help.

19.3 Do More

  1. Use man or help to look at every one of the commands you have in your list to memorize.

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