Chapter 20
Finding Help (apropos, HELP)

20.1 Do This

Source 37: Linux/Mac OSX Exercise 20
  $ apropos search
  $ apropos find
  $ apropos remove
  $ apropos directory

Source 38: Windows Exercise 20
  > help *Al*
  > help *Dir*
  > help *Find*
  > help *remove*

20.2 You Learned This

Sometimes you forget the name of a command but you know what it does. This command looks through all the help files and finds potentially relevant help for you.

Honestly, I only use this out of desperation. I first go search online and can usually find a better page describing what I want to do. If I still can't figure out what the name of that command was then I go through this help list until I see it.

20.3 Do More

  1. Use this to find all the commands in your list as well.

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